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Proposal Submission Process of the Joint Theory Institute

Calls for Proposals:

JTI projects can only be proposed by UofC faculty and staff and ANL staff.  Proposals should generally be submitted in response to calls for proposals.  There will be at least one call per year that will be publicized at this website (JTI.anl.gov) and advertised via email and other means.  Each call will specify a due date for the proposals and a date by which awards will be announced.  This website will keep a history of calls, the response to the calls, the awards, and the accomplishments of the funded proposals.

The calls will be in support of theory broadly defined. JTI calls will embrace problems in theory of condensed matter, chemistry, high energy physics, nuclear physics, and interdisciplinary topics involving, for example, nanoscience, biology, economics, and computing. 

The goals of the JTI are to foster joint theoretical efforts between UofC and ANL and to integrate theoretical advances into the scientific efforts at both institutions.

At present, calls can ask for proposals of three different types:

1) a research project involving support for a postdoc or graduate student

2) a workshop or conference

3) a visitors program

Proposals not of these three types that nevertheless further JTI goals will be considered.

Compelling proposals can be generated on very short lead times in response to developing theory issues. Such proposals can be submitted to the JTI.  They will be evaluated in the usual manner on a timely basis and could receive awards if funds are available.

Funding is on a yearly basis. Multi-year proposals will have to file annual renewal proposals that make clear the accomplishments for the previous year and outline expected progress in the next year.  The JTI will deny the renewal if insufficient progress has been made. The JTI is at present funded entirely by discretionary support from both the UofC and ANL.  The level of discretionary support can change year by year.  A multi-year proposal can be funded by the JTI but the financial support for out years cannot be fully certain.

Form of the Proposal:

Proposals should not be longer than five pages in length (with a minimum 12 point type) with a brief description of the project, an indication of why it should be funded by the JTI, and a budget.  The principal investigators must be listed on the proposal and be from the ANL staff and/or the UofC faculty and/or staff.  Key factors in selection are interactivity and innovation.  Worthy proposals for collaborative theory advances that integrate well into the broader scientific directions of the two institutions will be well received.  On the other hand, worthy proposals for advances in theory that do not materially promote interaction and collaboration between the two institutions are discouraged.

Manner of Evaluation:

The JTI science advisory board and the co-directors will conduct and oversee peer review of the proposals.  All proposals in response to a call will be ranked and funding recommendations will be made subject to the approval of the ANL Laboratory Director and the UofC Vice President for Research. 

Proposals submitted outside of a call will go through the same evaluation procedure but subject to restriction in funds due to awards of proposals in response to calls.

Members of the JTI science advisory board and the co-directors can make proposals to the JTI. If such cases arise, those with conflicts of interest will excuse themselves from the deliberations about their proposal. 

Funded Proposals:

Funded proposals will be notified by the JTI in accordance with the dates of the call.  In the case of proposals outside of calls, notification by the JTI will be made on a timely basis. 

Funded proposals will work with the business managers to ensure that accounting and logistical aspects are properly dealt with. 

Funded proposals upon completion of their project will submit to the JTI a Progress Report that will be posted on this website.  This Progress Report will also be used by the co-directors in their annual report to UofC and ANL management.


The current co-directors of the JTI are Gene Mazenko (UofC) and Al Wagner (ANL).  They can be reached via JTI@anl.gov concerning the goals and nature of the JTI.

Last updated September 30, 2008

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