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Organization of the Joint Theory Institute

The JTI has two co-directors, one from UofC and one from ANL, appointed by management at the two institutions.  The JTI science advisory board is evenly divided between the staff of the two institutions. This board is selected by the co-directors and approved by management at both institutions.  The JTI has a business manager from each institution.  The co-directors, board members, and business managers serve without financial support from the JTI.

The responsibilities of the co-directors and science advisory board are:

  • to fashion calls on at least a yearly basis.  Such calls can be broad or topical or have some other kind of emphasis as the co-directors and the board decide.
  • to evaluate and rank proposals that are responses to the calls.  
  • to evaluate any renewal proposals on progress achieved in the previous year of funding.
  • to expand the pool of proposal referees if necessary to secure discriminating evaluations.

The additional responsibilities of the co-directors are:

  • to present the JTI achievements to institutional management.  
  • to ensure financial controls
  • to submit each year a report concerning JTI activities to the ANL Laboratory Director and the UofC Vice President for Research.
  • to select any replacement science advisory board members if necessary.

The responsibilities of the business managers are:

  • to provide the necessary financial and reporting controls that are required by discretionary funding from ANL and UofC
  • to provide advice and support regarding any logistical issues that may arise in the execution of awarded proposals.

The JTI does allow directors and board members to be on proposals to the JTI.  If such cases arise, those with conflicts of interest will excuse themselves from the deliberations about their proposal. 

The current co-directors are:

Mazenko photo
Gene Mazenko (UofC) http://physics.uchicago.edu/t_cond.html#Mazenko
AFW photo
Al Wagner (ANL) Division Director of the ANL Chemistry Division.  Theoretical chemist with a career-long interested in theoretical methods and applications in chemical dynamics and chemical kinetics.

The current board members include:


Gruzberg pic
Karl Freed (UofC)

Stephen Gray (ANL)

Argonne chemistry division member with research that concerns the development and application of methods to determine and analyze the quantum dynamics of chemical reactions, as well as the development and application of methods to study nanophotonics problems. The quantum dynamics applications often involve the chemical reactions that play important roles in combustion and atmospheric chemistry.
The nanophotonics work includes time-domain simulations of light interacting with metallic nanostructures.
Ilya Gruzberg (UofC)


Norman Roberts

Michael Norman (ANL)

Argonne materials science group leader for condensed matter theory.

Craig Roberts (ANL)

Argonne physics division group leader for nuclear theory.  Our group's research addresses the five key questions that comprise the Nation’s scientific agenda for nuclear physics. We place heavy emphasis on the prediction of phenomena accessible at Argonne’s ATLAS facility, at JLab, and at other laboratories around the world; and on anticipating and planning for RIA. Additional research in the Group focuses on atomic physics, neutron physics, fundamental quantum mechanics and quantum computing. The pioneering development and use of massively parallel numerical simulations using hardware at Argonne and elsewhere is a major component of the Group’s research.

Savdeep Sethi (UofC)


The current business managers are:

Hunt photo  Jerry Hunt (ANL)

Michelle Terry 

Michelle Terry (UofC)



The current co-directors of the JTI are Gene Mazenko (UofC) and Al Wagner (ANL).  They can be reached via JTI@anl.gov concerning the goals and nature of the JTI.
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Last updated September 30, 2008

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