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Joint Theory Institute Call for Proposals     Fall, 2008

The Joint Theory Institute (JTI), a multi-disciplinary research institution jointly at Argonne and the University of Chicago, is currently accepting a third round of proposals in the broad area of theory that strengthen collaborations between staff at the two institutions.  This call is for proposals that require one-year of funding.

The JTI embraces problems in theory of condensed matter, chemistry, high energy physics, nuclear physics and interdisciplinary topics involving nanoscience, biology, economics, sociology, archeology, and computing.  Proposals will be accepted from members of the University and Argonne communities.  Successful proposals could include joint research programs with shared students and post-docs, programs for joint conferences and workshops, and thematically driven visitor programs.  Other innovative joint activities will be seriously considered.  Successful proposals from the previous calls can be found at our web-site at JTI.anl.gov. 

Proposals should not be longer than five pages in length (with standard format) with a brief description of the project, an indication of why it should be funded by the JTI, and a budget.  Funding levels may vary substantially with the largest awards in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Proposals will be reviewed and awards selected by the JTI advisory board.  Key factors in selection are interactivity and innovation.  It is critical that joint efforts at both the university and the laboratory be represented in the proposal.  In this third call, some preference will be given to proposal authors not already in funded JTI programs.

Proposals should be sent to JTI@anl.gov.  The deadline for this third round of proposals is October 21.  Notification of those proposals JTI will recommend for funding will be made within two weeks from the end of the call. 


For further information see our web-site at JTI.anl.gov.  The current co-directors of the JTI are Gene Mazenko (UofC) and Al Wagner (ANL).  They can be reached via JTI@anl.gov concerning the goals and nature of the JTI.

Last updated September 30, 2008

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