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The Joint Theory Institute (JTI) is a multi-disciplinary research institution jointly supported at the University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory to enhance collaborative research between both institutions in the broad area of theory.  The JTI embraces problems in theory of condensed matter, chemistry, high energy physics, nuclear physics, and interdisciplinary topics involving, for example, nanoscience, biology, economics, and computing.  The JTI promotes new opportunities for close interactions among UofC and ANL researchers that advance theory and integrate these advances into the scientific activity at both institutions. 

To accomplish its goals, the JTI will sponsor visitor programs, workshops, and research projects at the forefront of theory that facilitate interactions and initiate collaborations between the UofC and ANL staff. The intent is to develop theory programs at both institutions by seeding joint research projects and by exposing the staff to innovative scientists brought in for collaborations. The JTI is interested in theory projects that complement the scientific activities of ANL and UofC. 

        The JTI is organized with co-directors and a science advisory board composed of an even mix of faculty and staff appointed by each institution.  Proposal calls will be fashioned on a regular basis by the directors and the board who will then evaluate the proposals by a peer-review process.  The JTI will strive to have a transparent proposal process well documented on its website (JTI.anl.gov) and well publicized at both institutions.  Recommendations of proposals for funding made by the JTI must be approved by the Laboratory Director for ANL discretionary funds and the UofC Vice President of Research for university funds.

All JTI funding for proposals currently comes from discretionary investments made by ANL and UofC.  Each year the JTI co-directors will submit a report concerning JTI activities to the ANL Laboratory Director and the UofC Vice President for Research.  The JTI strives to develop external sources of support and proposals that provide avenues to obtain such support will be well received.

The University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory created the Computation Institute (CI) to encourage multidisciplinary investigations in high-end computational research in the many disciplines of sciences, medicine, law, arts and the humanities.  The CI’s focus on large-scale computation complements the JTI work on theory and we expect to see strong ties between the two Institutes.


The current co-directors of the JTI are Gene Mazenko (UofC) and Al Wagner (ANL).  They can be reached via JTI@anl.gov concerning the goals and nature of the JTI

Last updated September 30, 2008

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